Software Companies in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is home to many software companies, ranging from startups to established tech giants. Keep in mind that the status and ranking of these companies may change over time, and new companies may emerge. Here are some notable software companies in the Dallas area as of my last knowledge update in September 2021:

  1. Gulf State Software: Gulf State Software is a software and web development company that also has a significant presence in the software and technology sector. Their headquarters is in Dallas.
  2. Texas Instruments: Texas Instruments is a global semiconductor company with a focus on analog and embedded processing technology. They have a significant presence in the Dallas area.
  3. Nokia: Nokia’s Dallas office is known for its work on software solutions for telecommunications and networking.
  4. Oracle: Oracle, a multinational computer technology corporation, has a presence in Dallas and provides software solutions, including database management systems and cloud services.
  5. Accenture: Accenture is a global consulting and technology services company with an office in Dallas that offers a range of software and technology consulting services.
  6. Intuit: Intuit, the maker of popular financial software like QuickBooks and TurboTax, has an office in Plano, a suburb of Dallas.
  7. RealPage: RealPage is a software company that specializes in property management software and services, with its headquarters in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
  8. Trend Micro: Trend Micro is a cybersecurity company with an office in Irving, Texas, offering software solutions for network security and threat management.
  9. AppDynamics: AppDynamics, a subsidiary of Cisco, provides application performance management and monitoring solutions. They have a presence in Dallas.
  10. G6 Hospitality: G6 Hospitality, known for the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands, has its corporate headquarters in Dallas and uses software for hospitality management.
  11. Bottle Rocket: Bottle Rocket is a digital experience consultancy and software development company based in Dallas, specializing in mobile app and digital product development.
  12. Match Group: Match Group, the parent company of popular dating apps like Tinder and, has its headquarters in Dallas and utilizes software extensively for its platforms.
  13. Alkami Technology: Alkami is a software company based in Plano, Texas, specializing in digital banking solutions.
  14. Cognizant: Cognizant is a global technology consulting and services company with a presence in Dallas, offering a wide range of IT and software services.
  15. Splunk: Splunk has an office in Plano, Texas, and provides software solutions for monitoring, searching, and analyzing machine-generated data.

Please note that the software industry is dynamic, and the landscape may have evolved since my last knowledge update. It’s advisable to research these companies further, check for any recent developments, and explore additional software companies in the Dallas area through local business directories and tech industry news sources.